Reviewing February 2024

In February, I found myself directly impacted by the ongoing economic downturn in the tech industry. The company I've been working for almost 6 years ran out of funds and all employees, myself included, got laid off. The past weeks were challenging but now that it's all over I'll have some time to rest and reflect on what I want to do next.

Nonetheless I still spent time on my side projects and made lots of little improvements to MOROS:

I also added 16 GB of RAM and a SSD to one of the Lenovo ThinkCentre M83 SFF computer I got last month, and installed Proxmox and Home Assistant on it for my domotics project. It took a few days to setup everything but I got all my Zigbee devices running and I started monitoring the house temperature, humidity, and power consumption.

Tags: news, moros, osdev, domotics