Releasing MOROS 0.10.1

MOROS 0.10.1

MOROS is a text-based hobby operating system targeting computers with a x86-64 architecture and a BIOS. It is inspired by Unix and ITS but is closer to a modern DOS at the moment in term of features.

What's new in MOROS 0.10.1?

Read the full list of changes on the CHANGELOG

How to run MOROS?

The binary can be booted from USB on a computer with a BIOS or from a virtual machine with Bochs, QEMU, or VirtualBox. Here's a quick way to do it with QEMU:

qemu-system-x86_64 -m 32 -cpu max -nic model=rtl8139 -soundhw pcspk -hda moros-v0.10.1.bin

Read more detailed instructions in the README

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