Hakituri News redesigned

Hakituri News

Today is Earth Day and to mark it I decided to take a little break from the development of Picture to improve the design of Hakituri News.

Hakituri means "mythical forest guardians" in Maori and the living beings on Earth could do with more protectors. Hakituri News is a news aggregator focused on the environment and the climate of our planet and dedicated to alert and educate people to protect biodiversity.

I started this project almost a year ago to collect the links found on Reddit, Wikipedia, and various websites through my more generalist news aggregator. It's a very basic rails app and I simply reused the design from this last website.

Over the year I managed to keep posting regularly and I often thought that this project deserved a bit more attention and a less sober face. So today I finally took some time to put a cover image in the background, from one of the most beautiful and preserved places of Aotearoa (New Zealand), and I customised a little the cards of the news feed. Each news will now also have its own page.

I'm not yet completely happy with this new design but for a couple hours of work it's already a good improvement.

And now back to Picture (more on that later).

Tags: news, code