Megaliths of Menez Bré

Notes about megaliths and other monuments around Menez Bré, Brittany, France.

The Menez Bré hill is part of the Armorican massif, a geological formation in Western France. It has an elevation of 302 meters and is situated 100 to 150 meters above the surrounding terrain.

Relief Map

There are three menhirs located at approximately equal distances to the west, north, and east of Menez Bré. Additionally, there is a more recent tumulus situated at an equal distance to the south.

Chapel of Saint-Hervé (48.5763, -3.3078)

Menhir of Crec'h Coulm (48.61013, -3.30027)

Stele of Saint-Michel (48.58381, -3.3607)

Menhirs of Pergat (48.58165, -3.34425)

Feudal Mound of Pen-Ar-Stang (48.54375, -3.31495)

Chapel of Saint-Jean (48.55237, -3.31412)

Menhir of Restournec (48.56769, -3.27339)