Prunus spinosa #1

March 2020

There are a few areas in the garden where blackthorn are densely growing and must be managed to avoid colonising all the surrounding land. This is a great opportunity to collect bonsai material.

This one was digged up in late March, it had one big root connecting it to the other blackthorns that had to be cut along with all the shoots starting from the root mass.

It was hard to read the rings of the big root I cut but I'd guess the tree to be at least around 15 years old at the time of collection.

August 2020

The tree had a good first flush but then it stopped growing except for suckers from the base of the trunk.

March 2021

I repotted the tree to check the roots, a few new ones where produced around the big cuts and shoots. The previous one where very long tube so I reduced them to near the trunk, hopping the new ones will allow the tree to stay alive. I also removed some dead wood.