Olea europaea sylvestris #1

September 2020

This 15 years old pre-bonsai was ordered from Mistral Bonsai near Tarragona in the Northeast of Spain.

October 2020

The tree is now in a cold greenhouse for the winter with all the other Mediterranean trees.

Mars 2021

In March the tree already restarted growing in the greenhouse so I repotted it in 100% pumice in a pond basket. It was previously growing in nursery compost.

I also pruned the branches that won't be needed in the future but I kept a lot of options open.

June 2021

The tree is growing very vigorously and is now as dense as last year. I am currently considering various trunk chops because the trunk is very straight and denuded above the first branches. A chop just above that level in summer will produce a lot of new shoots but a chop bellow will lead to very interesting taper.