YouTube Video Downloader

Genesis (2020-10-23)

Yesterday YouTube-dl received a DMCA takedown from RIAA and its git repositories were disabled on GitHub. Well, that sucks.

It's such a great tool when you have a limited internet access to download videos in the format of your choice instead of streaming them. But it did a bit too much, including being able to download content protected by DRM and the RIAA didn't like that.

In reaction to this I wrote a small tool in ruby called ytdl that do less and focus on videos from YouTube without DRM.


> git clone
> cd ytdl
> gem build ytdl.gemspec && gem install ytdl-*.gem


Show help:

> ytdl --help
Usage: ytdl [options]<id>

    -f, --format <code>              Video format code
    -F, --list-formats               List video format codes
    -v, --verbose                    Run verbosely
    -V, --version                    Show version
    -h, --help                       Show help

List video format codes:

> ytdl "" -F
Video format codes:
    -f 360p
    -f 720p

Download video with format code:

> ruby ytdl.rb "" -f 360p
Destination: Elephants_Dream_TLkA0RELQ1g.mp4
Downloading: [#####-----------------------------] 17% of 43.00 MiB ETA: 00:01:42


ytdl is released under MIT.