Pollen Chart

Chart the European Pollen Database


Pollen Chart is a website dedicated to help exploring the European Pollen Database for a better understanding of our environment.


To get the source do the following:

$ git clone git://github.com/vinc/pollen.vinc.cc.git
$ cd pollen.vinc.cc

Then visit the download page of the EPD and download a Postgres archive of the database:

$ wget http://www.europeanpollendatabase.net/data/downloads/image/epd-postgres-distribution.zip
$ unzip epd-postgres-distribution.zip
$ gunzip dumpall_epd_db.sql.gz
$ sed -i "s/epd\|wwwadm/$POSTGRES_USER/g" dumpall_epd_db.sql
$ psql $POSTGRES_DATABASE < dumpall_epd_db.sql

Where $POSTGRES_DATABASE is your database and $POSTGRES_USER your database user. You can avoid altering the dump by creating the two required users epd and wwwadm instead.


Copyright © 2017 Vincent Ollivier. Released under the MIT License.