DaSort is a CLI tool for organizing by creation date.

It is written in Python and it requires the pyexiv2 module to read Exif data stored in pictures. The argparse module is also required but it is included by default in Python 2.7.

A duplication detection algorithm is built in DaSort to skip duplicate pictures without forgeting different versions of the same original.


Installing from source:

$ git clone git://github.com/vinc/dasort.git
$ cd dasort
$ sudo python setup.py install


Importing pictures to a sorted tree is as simple as:

$ dasort /media/disk ~/pictures
Scanning '/media/disk' ...
Examining 31348 files ...

 100% [==================================================================] 

 2884 of 31348 files imported
 27991 duplicated pictures ignored
 473 files ignored (listed in 'ignored.txt')

Thanks to the duplication detection algorithm, this command can be run from multiple sources to the same destination.

Symbolic links can be used instead of copy with dasort -s.

Supported image formats

The following formats have been successfully tested: JPEG, CR2, CRW, TIFF.

Proprietary RAW format from other brands than Canon have not been tested yet but they should work too.

DaSort also recognises UFRaw ID files containing all the conversion parameters so they will be also imported.