Olea europaea #1

2005-05 Acquisition

2005 05 01 olea europaea 1

In 2005 I visited for the first time a bonsai exposition at Plourhan in Brittany and came back with this olive tree.

2005-06 First styling

2005 05 31 olea europaea 1

A month later I put it into a pot and wired the branches to make them start from the tree more horizontally, except for the top one that was to be used as the trunk leader.

It didn’t look good but the idea was to later cut back all the branches closer to the trunk and develop the secondary ramification.

2006-05 Growing slowly

2006 05 01 olea europaea 1

2007-05 Very slowly

2007 05 19 olea europaea 1

This tree was quite slow to grow, despite good watering and feeding. The location may be too much north for olive trees as they don’t grow in the wild around here.

2010-05 Second styling

2010 08 01 olea europaea 1

A few year later I finally cut back the branches closer to the trunk and the year before that I had selected a new trunk leader.

2020-07 Moving to a new location

2020 07 17 olea europaea 1

In the previous years I was studying at a university just a couple of hours away from the garden of my parents where my trees were growing but I moved to the capital of the country for work in 2011 and to the other side of the world a few years later. I came back a couple of years after that but I took me a few more years to finally have a place to grow some trees again. It’s incredible how fast a decade can come and go.

During those years the tree got only basic watering care and the secondary ramification didn’t develop. Instead all the leaves are quite far from the trunk and a few branches died including the first one on the right side. The plan is to remove the top branch, wire the other to get them closer to horizontal again, and feed the tree well until next year when it’ll be more than time to repot it.

There is very little to show for 15 years in the garden but the trunk was nice to begin with and got even nicer. The two successive branches at the top did a good job at improving the tapering. Now, as it was at the beginning, the tree only need some good lateral branches.

2020-08 Basic styling

2020 07 31 olea europaea 1