My passion for bonsai started in 1997 after reading books about them and visiting the first websites dedicated to them. My first tree was a Zelkova serrata and I quickly become hooked. 20 years later I still remember distinctly choosing it from the nursery and spending time misting it and being in awe in front of such a small tree in a pot.

I quickly started a collection with whatever I could get my hands on and made one of the first bonsai website in France. But at the time most advices from the books were kind of garbage and I lost all those trees in the following years.

I restarted the collection while being at the university in 2004 and at that time the information we could read on the internet became much better. I was more successful in growing them, thanks to the internet community and modern substrats.

Unfortunately after graduation in 2010 I moved far away for work and couldn't really take care of them anymore until 2020 when my life became stable enough to have a new home for the few that had survived my absence and a lot of new ones.