Prehistory of Brittany

Some notes about the prehistory of Western Europe, mostly centered around the region of Brittany in modern France.

Foragers (Western Hunter Gatherers)

Some foragers arrived in Western Europe around 12000 BCE and replaced the earlier Magdalenian culture.

Farmers (Early European Farmers)

Some farmers arrived in Brittany around 5000 BCE, and in Britain around 4100 BCE where they mostly replaced the previous population of foragers.

The population declined at the end of the neolithic.

Herders (Western Steppe Herders)

Some herders again mostly replaced the previous population around 2500 BCE in Britain.

Bell Beaker culture

Unetice culture

Armorican Tumulus culture

A large number of Britons from Britain migrated to Brittany at the end of the Roman period after the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons on the island around 500 CE.