I came to this world 449,947,500 seconds after Unix Epoch at 48.4998763 degrees of latitude and -2.7518657 of longitude. I spent my childhood between the sea and the forest, and I remain, more than a gigasecond later, most at peace when I am surrounded by nature.


But I also discovered another world made of silicon and binary numbers, and it immediately clicked for me as I was typing my first commands in the console of a computer.

I made my first personal website for fun in the year 1996 of the Gregorian calendar at the age of 12 years old, and the first one for profit 2 years later.

Since then the internet got bigger and a lot more complex, but I’m still pushing code to web servers. I gained in the process a master degree in computer science with a specialization in network engineering, and a love for efficient and elegant code.


Closer to the present: in February 2015, after 4 years in Paris working for the online magazine Slate.fr, I decided that only spending my weekends and my vacations in the forests and mountains of Europe wasn’t enough, so I moved almost full time into the wild.

For the past two years or so, I’ve been living in remote places of Aotearoa, Samoa and Australia, working from time to time when I have enough network connectivity and a charged battery. So far I’m really enjoying this lifestyle and the hope it give me when I meet remarkable people living out of the grid in sustainable communities.

I’ll probably keep exploring the last wild areas of our planet for a while and settle down somewhere in Europe after that, but I’m available for freelance remote work as a full stack web developer. If you have an interesting and meaningful project in JavaScript, Ruby or Rust, I’d love to hear about it.

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