I took my first breath in this world about 449 947 500 seconds after Unix Epoch at 48.500 degrees of latitude and -2.753 of longitude in Brittany. My childhood was spent between the sea and the forest, and I remain, more than a gigasecond later when writing the first draft of this text, most at peace when I am surrounded by nature.


At some point in my childhood, I discovered another world made of silicon and binary numbers, and it immediately clicked for me as I was typing my first commands in the console of a computer.

I made my first personal website for fun in the year 1996 of the Gregorian calendar at the age of 12 years old, and the first one for profit 2 years later.

Since then the internet got bigger and a lot more complex, but I'm still pushing code to web servers. I gained in the process a master degree in computer science with a specialization in network engineering at the University of Rennes I, and a love for efficient and elegant code.


After graduating from the university, I moved to Paris to work for Slate.fr and I was thankful for the forest of Fontainebleau to keep me sane during the weekend and the rail network to explore the forests and mountains of Europe a few weeks every years. But that wasn't enough for me, I needed the presence of the wilderness in my daily life.

So I flied to the other side of the world and spent two years traveling around in Aotearoa, Samoa, and Australia while working remotely on Reader.fr. During this time I explored some of the most stunning wilderness of the planet and met wonderful people living out of the grid in sustainable communities.

This experience reinforced in me the belief that there are a lot of things we can do today to fix the disconnect between ourselves and nature, and take better care of our planet.

After that I came back to Europe, worked for Paris.fr for a year while I was looking for a land next to one of the forests where I grew up, and finally settled there when I found it.

I am now rewilding half of that land and doing permaculture on the rest while working remotely for Augment.com. I am also involved in activism in the form of nonviolent civil disobedience actions, because protesting the current system and proposing alternatives goes hand in hand.

I am at times available for remote work as a full stack web developer but not at the moment. Still, if you have an interesting and meaningful project in Ruby or Rust, I'd love to hear about it.

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